Emoji Words Level 126 to 150 Answers

Here are the answers for level 126 to 150. It took sometime to complete these 25 levels but I am happy to share it with you guys here. Hope this helps in moving to next set of levels.
Emoji Words Level 126 – Disable, Eyes, gift box, Horse, Lips – Gift Horse In the Mouth
Emoji Words Level 127 – Blue ball, Man, two people – Blue Man Group
Emoji Words Level 128 – Two man in blue and orange color, night life, Right arrow – Guess Night Out
Emoji Words Level 129 – Disable sign, Soup, 4, Hand pointing to right – No Soup For You
Emoji Words Level 130 – Man angry, Man laughing – Mad Man
Emoji Words Level 131 – Stars, Out sign, Diamond – Shine Like A Diamond
Emoji Words Level 132 – Hand showing stop sign, three horses – Hold Your Horses
Emoji Words Level 133 – Tomato, Lady in red dress dancing – Salsa
Emoji Words Level 134 – Lady, Lipstick, Outsign, Pink purse – Pretty In Pink
Emoji Words Level 135 – Tennis ball, Eyes – Eye On the Ball
Emoji Words Level 136 – Plums, Grapes + Brinjal Corn – Fruits and Vegetables
Emoji Words Level 137 – Banana, Milk bottle, Hand – Banana Milkshake
Emoji Words Level 138 – Telephone, Yellow man with heart in eyes, two question marks – Call Me Maybe
Emoji Words Level 139 – Stars, Money, Tea/ Coffee cup – Starbucks
Emoji Words Level 140 – Mushroom, Flag, Man, Green Dragon, Queen – Super Mario

Emoji Words Level 141 – Omlette, Out sign, Lady, Diamond – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Emoji Words Level 142 – Battery, Arms – Battery Power
Emoji Words Level 143 – Disabled symbol, Suitcase, Outsign, Video Camera, Suitcase – Not Like Show Business
Emoji Words Level 144 – Monkey, Wrench – Monkey Wrench
Emoji Words Level 145 – Graduation cap, Gift box – Graduation Gift
Emoji Words Level 146 – Goat, Meat – Lamb Chops
Emoji Words Level 147 – Upp arrow, Whale, Down arrow, Man in boat – Big Fish In A Small Pond
Emoji Words Level 148 – Eyes, Heart, Monkey bag – I Love Money
Emoji Words Level 149 – Fire, Water drop, Out sign, Smoke – Steam
Emoji Words Level 150 – Man running, Trees – Run Forest Run

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  1. Regina

    On Level 128, there is not enough spaces to spell “Guess” correctly. There’s only 4 spaces. An “e” isn’t included in the letters.

  2. Janet

    128 is wrong I only have a 4 letter word on my game n guess has 5 letters can some one help! I try guys n boys it’s not it!

  3. Ella

    If u need any information or have any questions just ask me I am so obsessed with emojis I can’t live 1day with out my I phone because it’s my only electronic that has emojis

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