Emoji Words Level 126 to 150 Answers

Here are the answers for level 126 to 150. It took sometime to complete these 25 levels but I am happy to share it with you guys here. Hope this helps in moving to next set of levels.
Emoji Words Level 126 – Disable, Eyes, gift box, Horse, Lips – Gift Horse In the Mouth
Emoji Words Level 127 – Blue ball, Man, two people – Blue Man Group
Emoji Words Level 128 – Two man in blue and orange color, night life, Right arrow – Guess Night Out
Emoji Words Level 129 – Disable sign, Soup, 4, Hand pointing to right – No Soup For You
Emoji Words Level 130 – Man angry, Man laughing – Mad Man
Emoji Words Level 131 – Stars, Out sign, Diamond – Shine Like A Diamond
Emoji Words Level 132 – Hand showing stop sign, three horses – Hold Your Horses
Emoji Words Level 133 – Tomato, Lady in red dress dancing – Salsa
Emoji Words Level 134 – Lady, Lipstick, Outsign, Pink purse – Pretty In Pink
Emoji Words Level 135 – Tennis ball, Eyes – Eye On the Ball
Emoji Words Level 136 – Plums, Grapes + Brinjal Corn – Fruits and Vegetables
Emoji Words Level 137 – Banana, Milk bottle, Hand – Banana Milkshake
Emoji Words Level 138 – Telephone, Yellow man with heart in eyes, two question marks – Call Me Maybe
Emoji Words Level 139 – Stars, Money, Tea/ Coffee cup – Starbucks
Emoji Words Level 140 – Mushroom, Flag, Man, Green Dragon, Queen – Super Mario

Emoji Words Level 141 – Omlette, Out sign, Lady, Diamond – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Emoji Words Level 142 – Battery, Arms – Battery Power
Emoji Words Level 143 – Disabled symbol, Suitcase, Outsign, Video Camera, Suitcase – Not Like Show Business
Emoji Words Level 144 – Monkey, Wrench – Monkey Wrench
Emoji Words Level 145 – Graduation cap, Gift box – Graduation Gift
Emoji Words Level 146 – Goat, Meat – Lamb Chops
Emoji Words Level 147 – Upp arrow, Whale, Down arrow, Man in boat – Big Fish In A Small Pond
Emoji Words Level 148 – Eyes, Heart, Monkey bag – I Love Money
Emoji Words Level 149 – Fire, Water drop, Out sign, Smoke – Steam
Emoji Words Level 150 – Man running, Trees – Run Forest Run

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I am fascinated by Emojis which lead me to play the game Emoji Words. If you need help with any levels of this app ping me.
  1. On Level 128, there is not enough spaces to spell “Guess” correctly. There’s only 4 spaces. An “e” isn’t included in the letters.

    1. Correction: It’s “Guys Night Out”. The answer above is incorrect.

  2. I am stuck & cannot find the answer. It is a flag a document two pens etc. any ideas? I am obsessed!!!

    1. Us constitution

    2. I know I couldn’t find it either but it’s (us constitution) lol I had to look up events in 1776 just to figure it out

  3. 128 is wrong I only have a 4 letter word on my game n guess has 5 letters can some one help! I try guys n boys it’s not it!

  4. Anybody know
    red rose , red heart , 1,4 ?

    1. It’s Valentine’s Day

  5. If u need any information or have any questions just ask me I am so obsessed with emojis I can’t live 1day with out my I phone because it’s my only electronic that has emojis

  6. What’s the one with the sun and the fire?

  7. All the answers are right but they’re just mixed up lol

  8. I need help what is the symbols for hulk

  9. I can’t find the one with stars and eyes plz help

  10. I’m not meant to cheat but it helps a lot

  11. Robbi it’s vantelines day

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