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Emoji Words also known as Emojis Animated 2 or Solve the emoji is an awesome App where we have to guess what the emoji stands for, this app is fun and very addictive. We are a team of 3 myself(Simon), Joe and Sam decided to take it up as a challenge to find answers to all the levels of this game. I suggested that we could share the solution with others who have difficulty in solving certain levels, Ofcourse we at times get stuck up in a level and might need your help. So let’s all stick together in solving this game. You can download the IOS version from here.

We have decided to add hints for each and every level so it would be easy to find the exact word, also the answers might not appear in the same order hence these hints would come in handy. Do share a description of your level in the comment section for us to help you. Happy Emojying 😉

PS – If you need help with Emoji Quiz app check this out.

Solve The Emoji Answers

1 to 25 levels 26 to 50 levels 51 to 75 levels 76 to 100 levels 101 to 125 levels 126 to 150 levels 151 to 175 levels 176 to 200 levels 201 to 225 levels 226 to 250 levels 251 to 275 levels 276 to 300 levels 301 to 325 levels 326 to 350 levels 351 to 375 levels 376 to 400 levels 401 to 425 levels 426 to 450 levels 451 to 475 levels 476 to 500 levels 501 to 525 levels 526 to 550 levels 551 to 575 levels576 to 600 levels

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  • emoji fist and lightning bolt
    1. @Audrey Level 26 to 50 Added

  1. What is a punch as a fist and a lighting strike

    1. That is exactly what I am stuck on

    2. Struck by lightening

  2. Do you plan on doing solutions past level 225?

    1. Hi John,
      I will be updating them today!!

  3. What is the punch at first and high voltage sign

    1. Did u find the answer to this

      1. To which one?

  4. Arrow pointing up, skull, fishing pole with fish on it.

    1. Answer: deadliest catch

  5. Cannot open hints 426-450 and beyond!

    1. @Polly will be adding till 550 today!!

  6. 450 and above do not open

  7. Can’t get answers after 550 to open

  8. Level 236 shows a smiley and a money bag and the hint is not offered?

  9. Can’t open links for 551 and beyond

  10. Need help
    Envelope with a love heart on it, money bags, ring, and girl in wedding dress.

  11. Fist and lightning bolt

  12. womans face+fork & knife+to arrow and mans face equals what?

  13. Flag, document, pens 1776

  14. I am in level 575 need some help

  15. I’m stuck on level 125 of emoji words..I’ts a flag a document, 2 fountin pensand 1776..Does anyone out there have any solution…thanks Kathy

  16. What is the American flag,a guy and then a family of three?!!!

    1. American dad

    2. US Consti-Tution

  17. What’s this I can’t figure it out! What’s this✋

    1. Hi five

  18. what is an american flag with a cake?

  19. Never mind!

  20. can’t figure out…a skull, gun or pistol, and a knife

  21. skull, gun or pistol, and a knife = lethal weapon

  22. I am stuck on a picture of a mug of beer and a yellow moon it needs 2 4 letter words…. any1

    1. ?? Nite Life ?? What letters do you have to work with??

  23. Flags vs flags what is it?

    1. It’s one of the wars based on countries that fought each other. Sorry I don’t remember which war

  24. If I may ask, will you be posting level 601 and beyond?? I’m stuck on what appears to be a smiling sun with a watch – two words with no S available.

    1. I figured out 601… There was an S available. Answer is Summer Time.

  25. What’s up friends, how is all, and what you wish for to say regarding this piece of writing, in my view its really remarkable designed for me.

  26. What is a fist and lightning?? The first word six spaces second two and third nine

  27. What is ‘lady, star, books and a couple

  28. What does left square 1 mean

  29. I can’t figure out the flag flag flag flag vs flag flag flag

  30. Does anyone remember the right order of the world war 2 answer flags?? I know the first of those were the US & UK, & then others with Japan on the bottom after the versus sign. I ask this since that is the puzzle I’m stuck on for emojify this & I don’t have enough coins to get a hint & can’t remember puzzle it was in emoji 2. I would appreciate help from fellow players while I wait for other levels to be added & updated & more answers to be revealed. O

  31. What’s um the on with a chick and a wave?

  32. Can’t figure out the one with the heart ,the number one, and the two eyes.

  33. The coffee and broken heart

  34. What is

  35. What is a bear and the steam/hot

  36. What is a face of a boy, pair of glasses and a lighting bolt

  37. Margarita is expressed in what emojis and what does

    1. What does

  38. Margarita is expressed in what emojis and what does

  39. Margarita is expressed in what emojis and what does

  40. Level 20 no anwser to be found for girl,magnify glass and pic of the world

  41. 3 water drops and down (word)

  42. What does this mean

  43. Need help what is baby a kid father and granpa plus photo of mrs librety

  44. Stuck on bird something else then it looks like fax machine first word has 9 letters and cond word 4 letters

  45. I need help on level 509 Two finger touch each other and a bull eye with a dart in the center of it

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